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Recovery, Fantasy Football, & The Dangers of Pyramid Schemes - AST! w/ Guest *JOE* Bauman

August 1, 2019

Today I sit down (remotely, but still...I assume we were both sitting) with Joe Bauman, who shares his own personal Atheist Story Time in addition to addressing a very important, VERY under-acknowledged segment of the addiction & substance abuse treatment arena: navigating the road to recovery as a non-believer. We discuss the struggles of depression and addiction, the prevalence of religion within the recovery community, and how it can be both a blessing (no pun intended) and a curse, depending on the needs of the individual.

You guys, seriously- you don't want to miss this one. We even make a brief detour on the pitfalls of Multilevel Marketing schemes!

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM TODAY'S EPISODE: If you, or anyone you know within the non-belief community is battling substance abuse, PLEASE check out LifeRing at the link below:


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