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Hail Satan? - Interview with Antigone Azrael

Hail Satan? - Interview with Antigone Azrael

February 17, 2019

TIGGY! Today we are joined by the self-described "Least Satanic Looking Satanist" you've ever met, Antigone Azrael, member of The Satanic Temple! In this one-on-one interview, we discuss the basics of Satanism, what it's all about, and some insight as to how Tiggy made the journey from "Practicing Catholic & Pro Wrestling Fan" to "Practicing Satanist......& Pro Wrestling Fan". AND! If you want to know more about The Satanic Temple, please check out their website

Disclaimer: While Tiggy is an active and practicing member of The Satanic Temple, this interview reflects her personal thoughts and opinions on the topics discussed, and is not appearing as an official spokesperson for either TST-Minnesota, or TST-National.

Also, be on the lookout for the critically acclaimed documentary "Hail Satan?"

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Hidden Diversities - Atheist Story Time! w/guest Doug Furgason

Hidden Diversities - Atheist Story Time! w/guest Doug Furgason

February 3, 2019

Today I'm gonna riff on a disturbing bit of news I stumbled across recently and posted to the Facebook page in the return of Off the Cuff.

Then we'll be joined by my good friend Doug Furgason for Atheist Story Time! Our 3rd edition of AST, on our 3rd episode, released on February 3rd. Oooooooh weeiiiiiiird. OH by the way, I think, in retrospect, although my studio mic was on and monitoring, I accidentally selected my laptop's crappy webcam mic to record my audio during our interview. It sounds awful (on my end.) I am aware. Please muddle through with my profoundest of apologies.

Last, I'll finally get to the TING!Mailbag in answering a listener question.

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Mixed Fabric - Atheist Story Time! w/guest Chad Cripe

Mixed Fabric - Atheist Story Time! w/guest Chad Cripe

January 19, 2019

Episode two! Today we're all about the two's. Second episode, and we'll debut the Atheist Story Time segment first AND second editions!

We'll also talk about our Twitter handle update. Fun story.

Plus we'll hear some music from popular atheist artist Baba Brinkman! CHECK OUT HIS SITE!

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TING Origin Story, Interview w/ Troy Moss, & The War on Christmas

TING Origin Story, Interview w/ Troy Moss, & The War on Christmas

January 6, 2019

HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS! It's There Is No Godcast, with Noah Bush! We are the OFFICIAL podcast of Northern Indiana Atheists.

In our first episode, we'll discuss the origins of the show, and have a brief interview with Troy Moss, President of the Board for NIA. Fair warning, we had a feeeeeeeeew technical difficulties recording that interview, and it took up a lot of the time we had available. So it's not a long interview, and you may possibly notice a small amount of editing to remove some of the issues we had, but we definitely cover what NIA is, it's mission, and how you can join/support the organization.

Then in our first edition of Off the Cuff, we'll talk about "The War on Christmas" and how atheists do or don't enjoy the holidays.

Huge thanks to Troy Moss and everyone at NIA, my wife, and every one of my family & friends who supported me and participated in the development of this show. Extra special thank you to our sponsor MIXED FABRIC, find them on Facebook!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join NIA, if you haven't already, or even just donate a couple dollars for the hell of it.


Facebook Live Announcement - December 2018

Facebook Live Announcement - December 2018

January 4, 2019

This is basically the ripped audio from my first official/public announcement of There Is No Godcast, which was announced via live video feed on Facebook, just before Christmas 2018.

Uploading this serves very little purpose other than establishing the feed so I can submit to iTunes, but there actually is some content that I discuss, including my philosophies on atheist activism, and motivations for creating this show.

So if this is your first time listening, or you just really do enjoy the sound of my voice, then take a listen!

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